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Kontakt findet sich hier:

ICQ: 324-868-516
Handy: 01775434003

Birthday: 12.02.91
Eyes: blue-grey-green
Hair: red-violet
Fav color: black,violet,green,(red)
Day/Night: Night
Fave Food: Lasagne and stuff^^
Do you ever wish you had another name? yes
Do you like anyone? yes
Which one of your friends acts the most like you?actually i think no one..
Who's the loudest?Pia^^
Who have you known the longest of your friends?Tamara
Who's the shyest: Julia :-*
Are you close to any family members? not really
When you cried the most: as I was hurt.. > < because of my parents, because of losing friends..
What's the best feeling in the world: to feel that you're not alone^^
Worst Feeling: being hurt,lonesome,sad.. ignorance
Let's walk on the: water xD
Let's run through: the rain
Let's look at the: horizon
What a nice: game xDD
Where did all the: feelings grow
Why can't you: say that you lie[d] to me?
Silly, little: questiones..
Tell me: why no one cares about each other.. why there are so many lies revolve around me.. and why am I torn in two..
Ran away from home: yes
Pictured your crush naked: no
Skipped school: yes
Broken someone's heart: unfortunately I think yes,.. ><
Been in love: yes
Cried when someone died: yes
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: yes
Done something embarrassing: yes
Done a drug: no
Cried in school: yes > <
Your Good Luck Charm: +.~
WHO Makes you laugh the most:

the most? o.0 idk Schumi ? xD

Has A Crush On You: <3^^
Fallen for your best friend?: yes
Been rejected: .yes
Been in love?: yes
Been used?: yes
Done something you regret?: yes
Cheated on someone?: no
Been called a tease: yes
You touched?:Timmäääh
You talked to on the phone?: Patrick
You hugged?: Timmäääh
You instant messaged?: Natascha
You kissed?: my boyfriend :-*
You yelled at?: ?.?
Who text messaged you?: Patrick
Who broke your heart?: T.T =( >< =X
Who told you they loved you?: =X
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...About You...

Nicknameblack fullmoon/das *meow* usw..
Eye Colorblue-grey-green
Hair Colorred-violet^^
Heightabout 1.62m
Favorite Colorblack,violet,green,(red)
Screen Nameblack fullmoon /Mistress of Chaos
Your Present TownEichenzell
Your Crush's First NamePatrick^^
Your Grade11
Your Styleblack o.O^^


Bandlook--> music^^
Colorlook --> Favorite Color

...Have You Ever...

Sat on your rooftopnope
Kissed someone in the rainyes
Danced in a public placeyes
Smiled for no reasonyes
Laughed so hard you criedno
Peed your pants after age 8nope Oo
Written a songyes
Sang to someone for no reasonyes
Talked to someone you don't knowoooh yes xD
Made out in a theaterno
Gone roller skating since 8th gradenope
Been in loveyes
A near death experienceyes > <
Sang in front of a large audienceähm, yes > <

...Can You...

Write with both handsnot really^^
Blow a bubbleyes
Roll your tongueyes
Cross your eyesyes
Touch your tongue to your nosenope
Danceyes i think so^^
Speak a different languageyes
Impersonate someonenot really xD
Cook anythingyes

...Are you...



Man eaternope
Man haterno
Loverhrm.. dk
War freakno
In loveperhaps ;P


What is your current mood?happy, but somehow a little depressed but i don't care,.. freaky^^ and chaotic xD
Does your crush like you back?yeeeeeeeeees +smile+
What makes you happy?O.o i really want to know, too..
Elaborate on your default photosometimes^^ xD
Name one thing you do a lotdance^^
Name someone with the same b-day as youi don't know atm
Are you comfortable with your heightnope > <

...Finish The Line...

If I were a ...butterfly, I would fly away and would never return..
I wish ...I was as invisible as you make me feel...
So many people don't know ...anything about me..
I am ...lost,broken,used..
My heart is ...torn in two..
Pet Peeves ...suck

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